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    Common Gas and Electric Dryer Issues

As a whole the dryer uses a heated air and a large spinning drum too dry out wet laundry. This is done by using a drum attached to a system of belts and pulleys combined with gas or electric heating elements to heat the air and dry your clothes. There is also a dryer touch panel that uses a thermostat mechanism to control the temperature of the heated air. There is also a door sensor that will cause the dryer to stop operations if the door is open for safety reasons. Some additional possible issues your dryer might experience are.

1.Door Gasket and Door Switch problems – The dryer will not work if the door to the dryer does not fully close or if there is an issue with the latch working properly.  You should contact a professional to check the latch and also the gasket to see if there are any tears or other pieces that could cause the dryer door not to properly seal. Gaskets are a difficult piece to change and you should contact a professional dryer repair technician to do this.

2.Motor Failure –  You should always call for service if the motor to your dryer seems to have failed. A qualified repair technician will be more than happy to take a look at the issue and give you a proper estimate for a new part and repairs. WE ALWAYS USE ONLY FACTORY SERTIFIED PARTS!

3.Thermostat Issues – For your dryer to work properly it is crucial to have a properly working thermostat sensor. Temperature regulation can fail after usage and time and especially when this causes pieces and parts to stick. Not only is the thermostat needed to keep the dryer working but it can be a safety hazard if it starts to malfunction.

4.Gas and Electric Heating Elements problems – it is not uncommon for both gas and electric heating elements to have problems. Both types can have issues that are quite different and unique and you should always contact a licensed professional trained technician to evaluate and analyze these issues. Depending on the issue replacement parts may be needed or other very complex fixes may have to take place to return the dryer to proper working order.

5.Lint Blockage problem – One common issue that can easily cause the dryer not to fully dry clothes properly is lint build up. Lint can build up in several areas such as in the vents, blowers or even in the lint traps. If any of these venting paths become clogged with lint this can create inadequate air circulation. This is why the lint traps and ventilation hoses must be routinely checked for clogs and debris to keep the dryer in proper working order. You may need to call a professional in for the cleaning especially if any of the vent hoses go through the walls.

    In order to ensure that your dryer stays functioning for all the years ahead regular cleaning and matinance is required. Contact your local service technician and OUR EXPERIENCED, EPA-SERTIFIED TECHNICIANS will be happy to look into any issues you may have. To have your dryer repaired or even serviced TODAY contact us (602)-754-6303 now!


Dishwasher repair and maintenance information

1.If you notice that your dishes are still dirty after the dishwasher runs you should check to make sure that you are properly cleaning the dishwasher and also check for any hard water degrees and lime scales in your Appliance This is highly important especially in some areas. running a special chemicals like lime away or CLR through your dishwasher every few months is a great way to help prevent and reduce the buildup.

2.Know if your dishwasher is not draining properly one possible cause could be a dirty disposal or a clogged air gap and running your garbage disposal before starting your dishwasher could potentially help.

3.If the dishwashers are not being cleaned properly it may be necessary to remove and clean the also always keep in mind to keep your gasket and door seals clean and free of any dirt or debris heels that do not allow the doors to completely close properly can often cause a weeks.

4.We can also offer dishwasher maintenance contracts and can service the appliance regularly this will extend its life and make sure it’s working to the utmost efficiency and in the end is less costly than an expensive appliance repair service.

5.Did you know it is possible to have your dishwashers efficiency tested to make sure it is running at the highest level of efficiency? A trained service technician can make sure your dishwasher is filling properly as well as efficiently washing in draining and if there is a problem can make suggestions on any possible repairs.

Do you need dishwasher repair?

     Also it is not uncommon after repeated using from parts to fail and need to be replaced.

     If you need any type of dishwasher repair dishwasher maintenance any parts installed or if the dishwasher is just not acting right give us a call. sometimes repair service if necessary or even simple adjustments can be made to reduce noises inside. WE ALWAYS USE ONLY FACTORY SERTIFIED PARTS!

Just call us  (602)-754-6303 and say something like "My dishwasher Whirlpool isn't rinsing off all the soap", or "My Kitchenaid dishwasher is very noisy", or "I need to repair my GE dishwasher" and OUR EXPERIENCED, SKILLED, EPA-SERTIFIED TECHNICIANS necessary will help you to identify any problems and fix it ASAP!


        Most Common Washer Problems

There can be several problems home owners can face in regards to washing machines. Such problems may include things like excessive noise, improper draining, parts not spinning or even stopping mid cycle. Error codes on the display panel can cause additional frustration as well.

1.The leakage – One should definitely never ignore a washer unit that has a leak. Any leakage has the high potential to cause damage to your property and lead to costly repairs and should always be addressed right away. This could be caused by complex tub and pump problems or something as simple as a faulty hose.

2.Electrical power problems – Some of the most frequent problems that can cause a washing machine to malfunction are if there are problems with the lid sensor switch like when it fails to work or even issues with the outlet or circuit breaker the machine is plugged into.

3.Load noise – Several factors can lead to in overly noisy washer. Thinks like an off balance machine or problems with the spin cycle can cause problems also any issues with drainage can also cause the washing machine to be more noisy than originally designed.

4.Drain problem -  many things could cause your machine to not drain properly and should be checked regularly to avoid water damages. Some possible issues to check if you are having drainage problems are things like blockages in the drain hose or even a kink in the hose. There is even the possibility of a sock or other small undergarment that could have lodged its way in to clog the hose. A faulty pump could also cause the pump to malfunction where water would not properly drain. If this is the case then a professional washer repair would be the best solution.

5.Spin Cycle problem – If you have noticed that your washing machine is not spinning or the spin cycle does not engage properly there could be a potential issue with the lid switch. It could also be because the machine is stuck between two different speed settings. Another common reason for spin cycle issues could be a failure of the belt and pulley mechanism or transmission problems that would need to be handled by a professional washer repair technician.

     Do You Need Washer Repair?

Call (602)-754-6303 today and one of OUR EXPERIENCED, SKILLED, EPA-SERTIFIED TECHNICIANS will diagnose your washing machine problems. WE ALWAYS USE ONLY FACTORY SERTIFIED PARTS and will provide a through detailed estimate. In most cases the repairs can be done the very SAME DAY (if You schedule an appointment before noon) just give us a call to schedule your appointment. 



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